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RealGUIDE universal surgical kit

To manage all your guided surgery interventions.

The RealGUIDE surgical kit has been designed for use with any implant system, for the implant site drilling phase, and with the most common platforms for the implant guiding phase through the surgical guide.


The RealGUIDE surgical kit includes a double diameter cylindrical drilling system and a stop set for adapting to the most common implant diameter and length. Thanks to the implementation of the prosthetic components library into the software it is possible to drive also the implant connection phase through the surgical guide.

Refer to the 3DIEMME Procedure Manual and the compatible implant platforms list attached below for further details.

The drilling system of the surgical alveolus is sequential and each drill has a laser marking on the diameter of the drill itself and on the relative implant length for which it was made.

The cylindrical portion of the drill preceding the cutting edge engages in 3DIEMME RealGUIDE hexagonal guide sleeves with a diameter of 5 mm. A guide path is provided, consisting of the sleeve of the surgical guide (4 mm) and the maximum thickness of the soft tissues (5 mm) of 9 mm. The hexagonal sides of the sleeve and those of their relative mounter, aligned, allow to orientate the implant connection.

The end portion of the cutting edge of each drill has the same diameter as the previous one to guarantee a further guide system in the sequence
from one drill diameter to the other one.

The drills of the 3DIEMME surgical kit are made of hardened AISI 420B stainless steel and coated with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) treatment which allows an increase in surface hardness and a reduction in the friction forces generated during use. The drills are indicated for a maximum of 100 uses; exceeding the recommended number of uses could compromise the osseointegration process of the implant.

RealGUIDE Full Surgical Kit

The final solution for your guided surgery

RealGUIDE basic surgical kit

The right compromise between flexibility and convenience

RealGUIDE Universal Surgical Kit

The kit to guide your osteotomies